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Samsung Video Surveillance Systems -

AFC Communications is proud to announce our newest product offering. We have been working hard over the last year to get our technicians trained and certified on a variety of Security Camera and DVR applications. After extensive research into the vast amount of products in this market we have settled on three main manufactures with our focus being on a fantastic company with a cutting edge product, this company is Speco Technologies. In addition to the Speco product line we offer IP cameras from an industry leader Axis Communications, and also cameras and DVR's from the Global company Samsung.

Speco Technologies

Axis Communications


Speco DVR Innovations in this market have driven costs to new LOWS and features and capabilities to new HIGHS over the past several years. Digital Video Recording (DVR) solutions today are very robust and offer a number of great features. Almost all DVR's and IP Cameras offer real time access from remote locations, and can archive recordings based on a number of different scenarios. Even the camera technology is improved greatly over the past couple of years. Speco Technologies have changed the face of night vision recording with it's line of Intensifier™ cameras. Click here to see the difference that the Intensifier™ makes over a standard Infrared camera.


If you are looking for any level of video security for your office space call AFC today. Obviously, there is no guarantee that a DVR solution will keep your office safe. However, with the proper implementation you can get piece of mind that you have a STRONG deterent, and if something does happen it will be documented for the police or other law enforcement. We can handle camera and DVR installations from a single camera to dozens. We will be happy to come look at your specific needs and give you a customized proposal to fit your needs. Speco Bullet Cameras

Coming soon we will have a live demo on this site! Check back for more information.