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WAN solutons for Satellite Office Connectivity

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What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

A Wide Area Network is any network that connects two physically seperated networks together over a geographical boundry. Most WAN's are private and are created by a variety of technologies. For example WAN's can be created using VPN Tunneling, MPLS Networks, or older technologies like Frame-Relay or Leased Lines.

The purpose of a Wide Area Network is to enable the computers (hosts) in the two physically different locations to access each other as if they were in the same physical location. The two physical locations can be branch offices or employees that are enabled to work from home for example.

NEC IX2010
Adtran Netvanta Product Line

In order to create a Wide Area Network you need a device on either end to facilitate this connection either thru the internet (VPN) or using the dedicated private connections (MetroEthernet / MPLS / etc.). This piece of equipment is called a router, and the requirements can differ greatly depending on the applications that will be provided across the WAN.

Designing a WAN properly as you can see can be a very complicated process in some cases. There are alot of factors that need to be considered and chosing the proper enabling technology and equipment are key to a WAN that functions properly with little to no downtime.

AFC Communications is a dealer for several major providers of WAN routers. Our Flagship brand NEC Unified Solutions has a very high-end line of Enterprise routers called Bluefire. We also have experience with routers from Cisco, Adtran, Kentrox / ADC, Sonicwall, and Edgemarc. Routers from all of these manufacturers have different feature sets depending on the applications needed to be supported. On the left we have provided some links to the routers that we recommend and install regularly.

If you have a need to connect multiple offices for any number of applications including the sharing of a company database, enabling remote workers, or for a VoIP Communication Solution please contact us so we can create a network diagram. We will create a diagram which show the connected networks visually in a way that any novice can understand.

SonicWall Pro Series
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