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Going back just a few years ago Servers were only considered necessary or even affordable for larger companies. In today's world they are becoming necessary and affordable for any company. Even the smallest organizations today has massive amounts of documents, spreadsheets, images, and technical documentation. Without a server how will you manage and share all of this information between your team?

This encompasses the basic need for a Server which is to share files from one centralized location. However, there are a host of other features and much more sophisticated AND EASIER ways to share files today. With applications like Microsoft© Sharepoint Server™ sharing and collaborating on documents is as easy as navigating a website. Sharepoint even keeps track of changes letting you know who changed a file, when it was changed, and allows you to restore previous versions.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server
Microsoft Exchange Server Even something as common as e-mail benefits from being hosted on a server. Do you have multiple computers that you access your company email from? If so, do you have problems with the email being synchronized between the computers. Do you go home and use Outlook™ to download messages only to go to the office the next morning and have to deal with the same messages all over again! If so this is where Exchange™ Server can help. It allows any number of "hosts" whether this is Outlook™, a Blackberry/Windows Mobile™device, or using webmail all devices will remain synchronized.
Another Server that will save your organization massive amounts of time is a fax server. AFC Communications works with several vendors to provide your company with top of the line desktop fax services. You can send faxes from your desktop as easily as sending an email. Also, each employee can be provided with their own private fax number that sends the fax directly to the users email inbox. GFI Faxmaker

Dell LogoDell PowerEdge


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a server can do for your business. There are a host of different Server applications available to help streamline you business processes. At AFC Communications we only use rock-solid Dell PowerEdge Servers which provide great performance at a great price. Please take a look at some of the brochures on the left for a better idea of our Server offerings.


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