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Network Security Appliances

AFC Communications Networking Portfolio


Unfortunately Network Security is more of a concern than ever before. Making sure that your company's data is secure is becoming more of a concern. Not to mention just the hassle of having to remove "malware" (Spyware, Adware, or Viruses) from your office computers. Any of these type of attacks take up your company's valuable time and can cost a significant amount of money as well.

So, having good network security is a must to keep your office running smoothly. There are several layers to maintain a smoothly running network. One layer is a properly configured Server (Domain Controller) that has all security options configured correctly. Another is controlling the access your users have over their own computers. Finally, is having good security at the "Edge" of your network. The "Edge" of the network for most offices simply means the connection to the internet.



SonicWall security appliances. Network Security, Intrusion prevention and VPN connections for Mobile and Home Users

Sonic Wall Security Appliance. VPN, Spam Filetering and Firewall protection

In addition to protection via a firewall there are a number of different security features that can be applied easily at the "Edge" of the network. Some of these features include Web Filtering, Ad Blocking, Spam Filtering, Virus Blocking, and Protocol Control. AFC Communications is proud to announce that it is now a dealer for an exciting new product called Untangle, but also is a dealer for the industry leading SonicWall as well.

Both the Untangle and SonicWall platforms contain great feature sets to help you control what goes in AND out of your network. Depending on your current and future needs AFC can help you to determine what is the best course of action for your company. If you are unsure about the current status of your networks security please call us immediately for an assesment.

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