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Computer Sales - Servers, Desktops and Workstations

AFC Communications Networking Portfolio


AFC Communications offers complete turnkey solutions for all of your IT needs. Whether you simply need some spyware removed from a single computer or a complete network overhaul we can handle your needs.

We specialize in the installation & configuration of new Microsoft® Small Business Servers™ and enabling robust teleworking solutions. Have you ever wanted to work from home and have access to an office telephone extension, your company email and collaboration, your customer database, instant messaging and have rich presence for other office employees? If so, this is exactly what we do best!

You can use the links above to get a better idea of the components that go into creating a robust and feature rich network. Also please take a look at our "Big Picture" network diagram. This is a diagram that will give you a better idea of exactly what is possible with today's communication and network systems.

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