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Cabling for Voice, Data and Video

AFC Communications Networking Portfolio


The backbone of and good network or Communications System begins with a good infrastructure. This includes the actual installation of the various servers and hardware whether wall or rackmounted. It also includes the installation of the structured cabling to interconnect all of the network devices. Even in a mostly wireless configuration there is always some amount of physical cabling that will be required. Unfortunately, in many jobs this is a very underestimated part of the installation. Patch Panell for CAT5, CAT6 and CAT3 for all your business communications needs
Fiber Optic cable for VOIP, Data and Video communications. A poorly thought out installation and lack of documentation or labeling of the physical connections can add up to a significant increase in the total cost of ownership for any network. Simple moves and changes become much more difficult and time consuming adding up to potentially hundreds of additional hours of labor. More importantly, poorly made connections can eventually fail causing downtime for you critical applications like email of your phone lines.

At AFC Communications we treat every installation as a chance to start off with a nice, clean, and well implemented system. Even if we are doing an installation at an existing location where we did NOT install the cabling we take the time to "clean up" as much of the existing cabling as possible.

AFC Communications has the tools and experience to handle a wide variety of cabling and infrastructure. From rack or cabinet installation to outside burial or aerial cable we have the experience. With regards to cabling we can handle any voice cabling (CAT3), data cabling (CAT5 or CAT6), or Fiber Optic Installation.

Voice, Data and Video Patch Panel Installation
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